“Mitchell Associates is highly regarded in the architectural community. In my opinion, they have the highest level of expertise in the field of fire/EMS design. In my ongoing dealings with them I found their integrity towards the work unquestionable. Their willingness to work with our Building Committee to complete projects and communicate in a timely fashion as well as maintain flexibility was appreciated by all Board members.”

Derick LaTorre, President, Valatie Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.

“We believe that Robert Mitchell’s professionalism and attention to detail, was part of the reason that our building project was bid and built at eight percent below our budget.”

Alan Ayotte, Former Chairman, West Crescent Fire District

“I truly appreciate all the time and effort you are putting in to this project.  While I know we are paying you to do this, I find it hard to believe in this day and age the professionalism and customer service you have given us.”

Pete Damico, Chairman, Apalachin Fire District

“I want to thank you for exceptional dedication and commitment to our project. I look forward to constructing a fire station that will serve as a model for other cities for many years to come.”

Rick Finn, City Manager, City of Peekskill.

“We were very pleased to be able to work with someone who really understands fire stations.

Stan Maciejewski, Former President and Building Committee Chairman, Herman Volunteer Fire Company

“The volunteer members are very pleased with the final product. Not only is the building functional for our department, but is a beautiful building that we are all very proud of. Our expectations have been exceeded!”

Neal A. Van Duesen, Commissioner of Fire, Hudson Department of Fire

You helped us focus on our programmatic needs and our strategic requirements for future years in a changing environment. With a program in place, you proceeded to design a facility that not only “fit’ our strategic plan, but was also architecturally eloquent. You also helped to guide us through presenting a bond issue for public vote that was successful. The design and specifications are key factors in the successful execution of a project. The working drawings were meticulous as were the specifications. During the construction phase there were few, if any, change orders required.

One of the basic requirements for a successful project is that the architect leaves little room for contractors to interpret or misunderstand the design or specifications. You met that requirement. You are precise and detailed in design and specifications and demand that the contractors meet the standards as set forth. You are very detail oriented and strongly represent the interests of your clients.”

John Heimerdinger, Former Chairman, North Castle Fire District #2.

“The design phase of our project took many meetings. You not only communicated on a daily basis with us, but made many trips to our location to help solve problems such as a difficult building site. Your efforts and ideas saved the district hundreds of thousands of dollars. We believe that this was accomplished due to your experience in designing fire stations. When the plans were finally drawn up, the project had to be voted on and approved by the residents of the fire district. Two public hearings were held in which you made sure we were totally prepared for any questions from the public. The project easily passed the public referendum and was able to proceed.”

“The documents were very thorough and made it easy for us to get competitive bids and complete the construction with few change orders. No one on our board had ever been involved in a project of this size which made it even more important that we hire someone who would “watch our backs”.  You listened to us and were always there to protect our interests and ensure that the contractors understood the design and their obligations.”

Bob Swan, Former Chairman, Chestertown Fire District.

“Throughout the project, from initial concepts through move-in, Mitchell was our contact. He designed the building, helped us win community approval, produced the construction documents and when the construction manager turned out to be incompetent, Mitchell took over and shared the construction management responsibilities with one of the company members to complete the building. He helped us in our litigation with the fired construction manager, and years after move-in assisted us in developing a long-range maintenance program.”

Richard A Willows Sr. Sr. Trustee, Building Committee Chairman, Assistant Chief Engineer, New City Fire Engine Company #1